Clubs savings and rewards

Clubs savings and rewards

Today we would like to talk about a unique online shopping mall that offers savings and rewards program, receive points, convert into cash back, gift cards or certificates.  (The Clubshop Mall) is ran and operated by the Discount Home Shopper’s Club company.

Plain and simple it’s a rewards program that all it’s Members receive reward points on every purchase they make, which can be converted into cash back, gift cards or certificates. You effectively get automatic rebates on everything you buy.

When can you shop: Any time you choose ( day or night ) the only difference is that before you begin any online shopping, you should always log into your ClubShop account and any online purchases that you make through the Mall will be tracked to ensure you receive your reward points.

Where are the stores: The stores are all located at ( ) from inside you can select your “Country Mall”, there are a variety of USA stores and about 60 International Country Malls. You can also find your stores in the Merchant directory by country specifics or even search by category and sub category for the product and or service you are looking for.

Why it works: The ClubShop Mall takes advantage of group buying power, it’s kind of like a major cost saving merchants all done online and at participating local merchants stores. Thousands of people are part of ClubShop, so the stores within ClubShop can give “Member only” discounts.

The discount: The discount will vary from store to store. You can see the discounts listed for each store. There are hundreds of brand named stores in the Mall. Target, Home Depot, Bloomingdales, Zales. . . You can buy everything from electronics to diamonds.

Joining ClubShop: it is totally free, all you have to do is sign up and shop through the Mall to get the rewards. One more thing, in some places, offline stores also accept ClubShop cards. Log into your account and check if your local stores are ClubShop friendly.

I hope this helps you to save money. I know it has helped us. We have converted much of our shopping online and it saves us every time we shop, especially now that we travel a lot and find many savings and discounts through the Clubshop Mall.

Come on board, dive in, join us and let us all succeed! 🙂

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